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Socks are our passion...

Here at Norfolk®, we just love designing and testing all our own socks and actually put every pair through their paces before we let them loose in the world. We want each and every pair we make to become your next favourite pair! 

So Why Choose Our Outdoor Socks?

Well, when you consider you will take around 2,000 steps to cover an average mile whilst hiking, even higher if you are walking uphill, it shows just how critical a role a good pair of Walking / Hiking socks play in keeping your feet protected and blister-free.

Walking / Hiking Socks to suit all tastes.

Walking and Hiking socks come in all different styles, long, short, thick, thin it all depends on the walking you are doing and your personal preference. Here at Norfolk®, being keen walkers ourselves, we have put together a collection of walking socks that suit all tastes. From Lightweight Summer Socks through to Heavy Weight Thermal Socks.

Do the right socks help prevent blisters? (Absolutely!)

Blisters can ruin your day, but there are a few simple rules that can help:

Avoid Toe Seams that rub. All our socks are specifically designed to keep the seams away from your toes, preventing rubbing or chafing.

Choose the right thickness. We offer a number of different thicknesses, from lightweight summer socks to fully cushioned thermal socks.

Moisture Control. We believe Merino Wool is undoubtedly one of the best materials around for moisture control whilst also being soft and strong, offering a natural barrier against blisters.

Happy Trails from the Norfolk Team…

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