Thermal Socks

Thermal Socks

Why invest in a good quality pair of Thermal Socks?

The simple answer is a good quality pair of Warm Socks can make that difference between a great day out doing what we all enjoy or a miserable day with cold feet wishing you had never left the house...!

Our Socks

We love designing and testing our socks and actually put every pair through their paces before we let them loose in the world. Ensuring each of our socks achieve their individual design and specification goals. 

There are a couple of things we would recommend you look for when choosing that perfect pair of outdoor socks.

You really need a good quality yarn, something with great thermal properties such as Merino Wool or Bamboo will do a great job of keeping your feet warm.

Wicking, you need to make sure the socks can manage moisture. It’s actually the moisture that causes most of the problems with heat management, as it this moisture that lowers the temperature of your feet as it builds up. It’s no different to spraying a fire with water it dampens the heat and this is exactly what happens to your feet if they get too damp inside your walking shoes or boots.  

What sort of construction should I look for? 

In essence, Thermal socks have one main job, keep your feet warm…

To do this the construction needs to be right, if the socks are too thin the thermal properties will be poor, too thick and they can actually impede blood flow in your feet and you end up with the same result ‘Cold Feet’

So, what you are looking for is that happy balance between sock weight, sock construction, and material.

We would also recommend you look for a sock with cushioning or terry padding as these socks trap air helping to improve thermal retention as well as offering added impact and abrasion protection.

An elastic ankle or arch supports is also great at stopping the sock from slipping, moving or bunching under your feet or toes.

And finally, toe seams, make sure these are as low profile as possible as this helps to reduce any rubbing or abrasion on the top of the toes. If you can find a pair with hand linked toes seams as these are usually totally flat.

And finally.

We hope this information helps, but if you want any further information or are unsure please do feel free to email or call us, we are always happy to talk socks...

Happy Trails from the Norfolk Team…

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