Hiking Socks

Why invest in a good quality pair of Hiking Socks?

Well when you consider you will take around 2,000 steps to cover an average mile whilst hiking, even higher if you are walking uphill or over rough ground then it shows just how critical a role a good pair of hiking socks play in keeping your feet protected and blister-free.

Our Socks

We design and test every single pair of our Norfolk® socks to ensure the fit, protect and keep your feet comfortable before we let them loose in the world. This way we can ensure each and everyone one of our socks are fit to carry the Norfolk® logo, we pride ourselves on only making socks that we would be happy to wear ourselves.

There are a few ‘Golden’ rules we would recommend when looking to purchase a pair of Hiking Socks.

  • Sock height: Consider where you will be hiking and choose the right height sock to protect against abrasion.
  • Cushioning / Padding: Depending on personal preference and footwear the amount of cushioning a sock has can help with impact abrasion and warmth
  • Fabric: Look for something that will offer good thermal properties such as Merino Wool 'Often misspelt as Marino Wool...', Bamboo or a technical yarn such as ‘CLIMAYARN’ these will do a great job of keeping you warm and dry.
  • Fit: Your socks need to be snug enough so they don’t wrinkle or bunch up but not too tight, as this can restrict blood flow and this can make your feet feel cold and uncomfortable.
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