Knee High Extra Wide Socks for Swollen Legs or Feet - Morgan

  • Soft Double Welt Top, Gently Grips without being Tight or Binding
  • Using our Norfolk® Stretch+ Technology our socks have up to 70% More Stretch than normal socks, ideal if you have swollen ankles or swollen feet.
  • Cushioned Foot Bottom and Ankle for Comfort, Protects your feet and keeps them warm.
  • 'Totally Flat Toe Seam' prevents abrasion across the toes
  • Anti-Bacterial Finish helps keep your feet healthy and fresh.
Socks for Swollen Legs and Feet by Norfolk® Using our Stretch+ Technology our socks can stretch up to 70% further than regular socks, Comfort is just a click away…
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Norfolk Morgan Knee High Extra Wide Socks

Here at Norfolk® we understand you and your feet and are here to help.

Your socks are a very important part of your day, especially if you suffer from any type of leg or foot complaint. We understand this and have spent time designing socks that work in harmony with both your legs and your feet. 

So, What is a Knee High Oedema (Edema) Extra Wide / Diabetic Sock?

Well, there is a lot of confusion around this subject, many companies call their socks 'Extra Wide', 'Edema' or 'Diabetic' socks when in fact all they have done is simply removed some elastic from the top of the socks and they deem this to be sufficient enough to call a sock 'Extra Wide', 'Edema' or 'Diabetic' friendly.

So, is it really that simple? Well, the honest answer is ‘No’ it isn’t....

As anybody suffering from swollen or sensitive legs or feet will tell you there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing socks and it’s not all down to the 'elastic' in the top of the socks…… Come on what about the rest of the sock?

So, what makes our Norfolk® Care range of socks different?

Well, it’s simple really, we asked real people what they actually wanted from their socks and then used this information along with our hosiery knowledge to manufacture a range of socks that work from the very top to the very bottom of the sock. Below are some of the main points people asked for:

  • I need my socks to stretch more.
  • I find that the tops of my socks are really tight and leave marks on my legs.
  • I sometimes get swollen legs and my socks can feel tight.
  • I get swollen ankles and my socks are uncomfortable.
  • I get swollen feet and my socks will just not stretch enough.
  • I get cold feet and I need socks that can help keep me warm. 
  • I sometimes get sores or blisters on my legs and feet.

We thank everyone for their great feedback and have used all your comments to design and create our Norfolk® 'Morgan' Care sock.

Please read on as we explain in further detail how our Norfolk® Care socks can help you.

So, let me walk you through our Norfolk® 'Morgan' 'Extra Wide', Oedema (Edema) / Diabetic Sock:

The 'Top' of the sock: 

People told us they didn’t like their socks to be too tight or binding around the top, so we designed a very 'Soft' Double Welt Top that gently grips the leg holding the sock in place but without leaving that ring mark you get from really tight elastic topped socks.

The 'Leg' section: 

People told us that they sometimes suffer from swollen legs or ankles and normal socks could feel tight and restrictive. So, we set about creating a fabric structure that was capable of dealing with the increased stretch requirements and this lead us to develop our Norfolk® Stretch+ Technology. This technology allows our socks to look and acts just like normal socks, but when needed they can stretch up to 70% more than a regular sock can, giving you that 'Extra Wide' stretch when you most need it. So, no more uncomfortable or tight sock days.

The 'Foot' section: 

This was a ‘Hot’ topic or actually ‘Cold’ from what most people told us. It seems there are a lot of people out there that suffer from cold feet! So, we decided to take the softness and air trapping properties of ‘Acrylic’ and blend this with the natural thermal properties of ‘Wool’ producing a fibre that will not only keep your feet warm but is also hard wearing and soft as well.

But we didn't stop there, we thought what if we add a 'Terry Loop' to the foot as well? This way the foot would be warm, comfortable, and cushioned, Ideal for helping to reduce sores or blisters, in fact, we hope our socks are one of the best places you can put your feet!

We also gave the foot the same stretch properties as the leg and ankle, so don't worry if you have swollen feet we have you covered there too.

The 'Toe' Seam: 

Unfortunately, every sock in the world must have a toe seam, but do they really need to be big and thick? Well, the short answer is ‘No’. Most cheap socks have what is called a ‘Rosso toe’ you can usually spot this as it looks like ‘Ben Nevis’ and leaves a large ridge across the top of your toes. Now, a ‘Rosso toe’ is all well and good in certain circumstances but not if you have Diabetes or other foot complaints that make your skin sensitive to rubbing or abrasion. What you really need is a ‘Hand Linked’ toe seam as these are absolutely flat and have no ridges at all. OK so it costs a bit more to finish a sock with a ‘Hand Linked’ toe, but for something that spends so much time on your foot, trust us, it’s worth every penny….

Did you know?

There are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet that can produce as much as half a pint of moisture each day. While the sweat itself doesn't smell, socks and shoes can trap odour-causing bacteria and fungi. So, to help keep your feet healthy we’ve added ‘Actifresh’ by Sanitize to our socks. ‘Actifresh’ works by stopping the bacteria from growing and multiplying and sort of traps it in a barrier until you wash the socks. Once washed, this removes the old bacteria from the fabric of the sock and resets the ‘Actifresh’ which is then ready again for the next time you wear the socks. 

So if you need:

  • Socks for swollen legs.
  • Socks for swollen ankles.
  • Socks for swollen feet.
  • Or just Extra wide socks.

Our Norfolk® Care 'Morgan' socks have you covered.

The Norfolk® Guarantee:

As we manufacture all our own socks, we offer a '30-day' No Quibble returns policy as we are confident you will love our socks!

Norfolk Morgan Knee High Socks diagram


UK: 3-5 6-9 10-13
Euro 36-38 39-42 43-46



63% Acrylic 27% Wool 10% Polyamide

Machine Washable
Wash Dark Colours Separately


Item Specifics

Item Specifics

Material Wool / Acrylic
Exactmaterial 63% Acrylic 27% Wool 10% Polyamide
Garmentcare Machine Washable
Brand Norfolk Care
Multipack No
Number In Pack No
Style Diabetic Sock

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