Thermal Ski Socks with Merino Wool and Cushioning Zones - Buchner

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Our Womens Merino Wool Skiing Socks might just about be the Perfect Ski Socks! Natural Merino Wool, blended with the outstanding performance of CLIMAYARN all wrapped up with cutting-edge design you will not be disappointed. Offering superior moisture management properties, these socks are designed to keep your feet warm, happy and protected whilst you enjoy your day.

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49% Acrylic 21% Merino Wool (CLIMAYARN), 15% Polycolon, 13% Polyamide, 2% LYCRA Elastane


Acrylic / Wool / Polycolon / Polyamide / Elastane


1 Pair Pack


Skiing Socks

Washing Instructions:

  • Machine wash at 40°
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry

Product Description

So, Why Do We Use a CLIMAYARN® in our Socks?

Well, we believe you cannot go wrong with Merino Wool, but our friends over at the ‘Schoeller Spinning Group’ have gone one better and blended their Merino Wool with a high-performance technical yarn giving us something a bit special!

Wow, this Yarn Rocks.

So, Scholler’s ‘CLIMAYARN®’ Technology is amazing it expels humidity, keeps you warm during low temperatures and prevents overheating during exercise. They have mixed the benefits of the natural Merino Wool with the high performance and strength of Polypropylene to create a fantastic new yarn. Also, did we mention the wicking properties of this yarn are absolutely brilliant as well...!

Ski socks just got a boost...

Here at Norfolk, we would agree with all of Scholler’s claims… And actually, on the humidity and moisture management point, the fact this yarn controls it so well is a massive benefit. It’s actually the moisture build-up in your socks that causes the increased friction against the skin and it’s this friction that ultimately turns into sores or blisters. So, anything that reduces this gets a massive tick from us…

Our ‘Buchner’ Skiing Socks

With their ‘CLIMAYARN®’ Technology, our ‘Buchner’ Skiing socks have been designed to be a perfect mid-weight construction. Having zone specific cushioning these socks have been designed to soak up impacts and pressure. Also, to ensure they stay put they have a dual Ankle & Arch elasticated support system that grips both the leg and foot ensuring the socks don’t slip or bunch under your feet. All adding up to be probably some of the best ski socks you will ever own...!

Anything that gives you more time on the piste and ultimately a far more enjoyable day has got to be worth every penny.

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