Norfolk Brand is the result of 20 years of experience with persistant R&D initiatives, testing new yarns and new technical capabilities as well as keeping up to date with fashionable trends

During the development process, our products are tested by elite athletes, under environmental extreme conditions. Quality and performance are our major focus, hence resulting in the usage of the best materials for uncompromised customer satisfaction


CLIMAYARN® technology expels humidity, keeps warmth during low temperatures, prevents overheating during exercise, mixes the benefits of natural Merino Wool with the high performance and strength of the Polypropylene, and dries significantly quicker compared to Cotton blends.  Learn more about CLIMAYARN®

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COOLMAX® revolutionary fiber which regulates the body's humidity, dries quickly, reduces skin temperature. offers correct hydration and improves comfort in all sports activities. Learn more about COOLMAX®



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LYCRA® fiber provides the solution for premium fit and comfort, helps them retain their shape and makes them stay in place all day long. LYCRA® technology will provide the support and contouring needed to move throughout the day and night. Learn more about LYCRA®


Merino Wool branded yarn by SÜDWOLLE®



Scientists still have not managed to develop a fibre that matches the benefits that nature evolved in Merino fibre. A multi-talented fibre, Merino will keep you comfortable in all seasons adapting to rapidly changing environmental conditions and physical exertion. Today, Südwolle brings you a range of elite yarns of pure Merino wool and Merino blends that combine the traditional benefits of Merino with the advantages of other natural and man-made fibres. All spun with state-of-the-art yarn spinning technologies. Learn more about SÜDWOLLE®


Norfolk Running Socks

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Norfolk Compression Running Socks

Norfolk socks Bekele Compression Running Sock