Men's Trail Running Socks

Trail Running Socks

Men's Trail Running Socks By Norfolk®.

Designed with a slightly longer leg.

They are ideal if you are running Trails or Off Road as this helps stop grit, stones and other debris from getting on the inside of your socks as can happen with shorter socks. All of our Trail socks have padding and cushioning just where you need it to protect your feet from abrasion sores or blisters.

Feature Packed

Other features include an Arch Support which helps keep the socks in place and stops them slipping or bunching in your shoes and low-profile toe seams. We use the latest material from type 6.6 ‘High-Performance’ microfiber to ‘Meryl Skinlife’ yarn.

All our sports socks are soft yet strong and achieve high wicking profiles ideal for controlling moisture and keeping your feet cool and dry.

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  • Trail Running Socks with Cushioning - Abrahams

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    Special Price £3.47

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  • Cushioned Low Cut Running Socks - Lewis

  • Premium Meryl Skinlife Anklet Running Socks - Berry

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    Special Price £4.17

  • Compression Running Socks / Stamina / Anti Fatigue / Anti Bacteria - Bekele

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6 Item(s)

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