Men's Running Compression Socks

Running Compression Socks

Men's Compression Running Socks & Sleeves By Norfolk® 

Why Compression and what does it do?

No matter what sport you do more often than not you now see professional athletes and amateurs alike wearing compression garments. Why? well, the main reason is simple they have been proven to aid your performance and more importantly can help improve stamina, reduce fatigue, aid with recovery and lower your chances of picking up a muscle strain or injury.

The Science behind Compression Running Socks & Sleeves

So how do Compression Running Socks & Sleeve's work? In a nutshell, Compression Socks & Sleeves are designed to apply a graduated pressure to your legs & feet the blood flow in your legs is constantly fighting gravity and it's this pressure that helps to improve and promote accelerated blood flow back to your heart. By helping to improve blood flow this helps improve stamina and aids muscle recovery by reducing the build-up of lactic acid whilst you run, cycle or train. This also has the added benefit of helping to prevent muscle oscillation and fatigue whilst helping to prevent injuries.

The Fibre:

So what is Meryl® Skinlife yarn? Skinlife is a Bacteriostatic fibre that does not allow bacteria to grow on it, this means the body can maintain its own natural balance, helping to keep your skin healthy. As the socks are manufactured from Meryl Skinlife, the Bacteriostatic properties have been proven to still be effective after more than 100 washes. 

The Norfolk® Guarantee

As we design, manufacture and test all our own socks, we are that confident you will love our socks, we offer a 30-day no quibble returns policy on all our socks!

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