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What is Norfolk Stretch+ Technology?

Our Stretch+ Technology is a special backing yarn that we use on all our Extra-Wide and selected Care Socks that gives our socks the ability to stretch up to 70% further than a standard sock can.

How does the Stretch+ Technology work?

By incorporating the Stretch+ backing yarn into our socks it allows the knitted fabric of our socks to stretch much further than you would normally achieve from a normal sock. The technical term for this is known as ‘Robbing back’ and it’s this action that allows the knitted loops in our socks to flex and return, giving our sock their unique stretch properties.

Will the Stretch+ properties last?

Yes, as the Stretch+ technology in our socks is actually knitted in, so it will not be affected by washing or the number of wears.

Does the Stretch+ make the socks feel different?

NO, all our socks using the Stretch+ technology look, feel and work just like regular socks. But because of the unique properties, the socks inherit from the Stretch+ backing they will never feel tight or restrictive.

Do I need to wash my Stretch+ socks differently?

No, you can wash our Stretch+ socks just as you would any of your other socks. 

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes, all of our socks come with a ’30 day No Quibble Returns policy’