Socks For Swollen Legs

Socks For Swollen Legs

Swollen Legs? We have socks that can help...

After watching my father's legs swell after Knee Surgery and seeing the marks his normal socks left on his legs I knew we could help!

Being one of the team members that worked on our 'Stretch+ Technology Project' I knew that any of our Diabetic or Oedema socks would be perfect for his swollen legs as we had designed these socks to stretch up to 50% further than standard socks can, which would allow the socks to stretch with his ankles rather than dig into them.  

He went for a few pairs of our Joseph Cotton Diabetic socks and they have proven to be a big success.... (although I don't ever recall him paying me for them, I suppose that's payback for all those years of Dad's taxi!)

So, if you find yourself wishing for a little more room in your socks these might work as well for your swollen legs or feet as they did for my father. 

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