Extra Wide Socks

Extra Wide Socks

Extra-Wide Socks By Norfolk® Care.

Your socks are a very important part of your day, especially if you suffer from any type of leg or foot complaint. We understand this and have spent time designing Extra Wide, Oedema friendly socks that work in harmony with both your feet and your footwear. 

All of our Extra Wide and Care socks feature Norfolk® unique STRETCH+ TECHNOLOGY, this technology allows our socks to stretch 50% to 70% further than a standard sock. Giving you more comfort and support throughout the day.   

Our Extra Wide socks offer the following benefits:

Soft Easy Fit Top, Gently Grips without being Tight or Binding
- Unique Soft Knit Leg Fabric can give 50% to 70% More Stretch than a 'Normal Sock'
Totally Flat Toe Seam prevents abrasion across the toes
Anti-Bacterial Finish helps keep your feet healthy and fresh.

Our Extra-Wide socks are not only for people with Swollen Legs, Ankles or Feet but will also help people with Diabetes, Oedema or sensitive legs or feet.

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