Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks Technology has moved on, have you?

Still, buying the same old brand?

Some of the big brands have been around for years, churning out the same old same old diabetic socks. Well, we are here to tell you fabric technology has moved on, and you will be surprised just how far behind some of the big boys really are!

Brief History.

Yes, there is much talk about Non-Elastic tops, soft top this and comfort top that, but what does it all mean? Well back in the day when most of these socks were designed and created this was probably relevant, the elastic of the day was mostly made from rubber and boy did it keep your socks up. Nothing short of an atomic blast was shifting them, mainly because the rubber was so tight it dug itself a lovely ridge into your legs and there your socks stayed!

Times have changed.

The problem is fabric technology has moved on, but a lot of the big brands have not kept pace with these advances. Henry Ford developed the Model T and back in his day it was revolutionary, now we have Elon Musk and his Tesla’s, but we aren't all still driving around in Model T’s are we….

Our expertise.

So, back to my point. Here at Norfolksocks, we have taken our years of experience in designing sports and outdoor socks and poured this into our Diabetic socks. 

'Non-Elastic' is so yesterday!

You will not find the term 'Non-Elastic' on any of our Diabetic Socks packaging and I will now explain why. If you take all the elastic out of a sock it will fall down, period...

Are we ringing some bells?

I’m guessing there is enough of you reading this who know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve been buying the same old brand or brands for years and while they are great to start with after a couple of washes two things happen. They no longer stay up or worst still they have shrunken and now you can not get them back on your feet (does this sound familiar?).

There is a better way.

Our Diabetic socks are different in the fact we have taken the advances in fabric technology and have used this to create comfortable, stylish socks which perform day in day out. The great thing is they look just like regular socks but with the fabric and backing technology we use in these socks can stretch up to 50% more than standard socks when and where you need it.   

Buy with confidence.

We are so sure you will love these socks that we offer a 30 day no quibble returns policy. So at the end of the day what's the worst that could happen? But on the upside, you might just find the socks you've been looking for, for years!    

Our Diabetic Socks benefits:

- Soft Easy Fit Top, Gently Grips without being Tight or Binding offering a Loose fitting design.
- Our socks work like regular socks but have 50% More Lateral Stretch across the entire sock.
- 'Ventilation Panels' circulate air keeping your feet dry and comfortable
- Totally Flat Toe Seam prevents abrasion across the toes
- Anti-Bacterial Finish helps keep your feet healthy and fresh.

Our Diabetic socks are not only for people with Diabetes but will also help people with Edema (Oedema) or sensitive legs or feet. 

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