Compression Cycling Socks

Compression Cycling Socks


Men's Compression Cycling Socks By Norfolk®

So why use compression socks?

Science has proven that by wearing compression garments such as men's compression cycling socks you can gain a number of key benefits. These are in the form of accelerated blood circulation, which aids muscle recovery and reduces toxins build-up of lactic acid, to minimising muscle fatigue and aiding faster recovery helping you to Prevent Injuries.  

Meryl® Skinlife a healthier choice

OK, so we know compression offers some great benefits but we didn't stop there, in fact, all our men's compression cycling socks are manufactured from Meryl® Skinlife a cutting-edge fibre that acts likes armour for your feet, helping to maintain a healthy skin balance while you ride. The fibre does this by creating a bacteriostatic barrier around your feet, that prevents bacteria from multiplying on it and this helps to keep your feet healthy and strong.

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