Mens Diabetic Socks

Mens Diabetic Socks

Our Norfolk® Care Range.

Your socks are a very important part of your day, especially if you suffer from Diabetes or any other type of leg or foot complaint.

Here at Norfolk we understand this and have spent time designing a selection of Diabetic Socks that work in harmony with both your feet and your footwear. whether you need tops that don't dig in or just a little more extra stretch out of your socks all ours have been designed for just that, as well as all having seamless totally flat toe seams. 

Our range consists of:

- Cotton and Wool Diabetic Socks with our Norfolk® Stretch+ Technology.

- Extra Wide Socks for swollen legs, ankles or feet.

- Cushioned Knee High Extra Wide Socks. 

Our Socks offer the following benefits:

- Soft Easy Fit Top, Gently Grips without being Tight or Binding
- Our socks work like regular socks but we have incorporated our Norfolk® Stretch+ Technology giving 50% More Stretch across the entire Socks.
- 'Ventilation Panels' circulate air keeping your feet dry and comfortable
- Totally Flat Toe Seam prevents abrasion across the toes
- Anti-Bacterial Finish helps keep your feet healthy and fresh.

So if you are looking for 'Diabetic Socks for Men' then our selection below are ideal. But our socks will also help if you suffer from Oedema (Edema) or sensitive legs or feet also. 

Our simple comparison chart:

Norfolk Diabetic Socks Versus Non-Elastic Socks

The Norfolk® Guarantee:

As we design, manufacture and test all our own socks, we are that confident you will love our socks, we offer a 30-day no quibble returns policy on all our socks!

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  • Cotton Diabetic Socks With Norfolk Stretch+ Technology - Joseph

  • Super Extra Wide Cotton Socks With Norfolk Stretch+ Technology - Miles

  • Wool Diabetic Socks With Stretch+ Technology - Oskar

  • Wool - Cushioned Extra Wide Socks with Stretch+ Technology - Peter

  • Knee High Extra Wide Socks for Swollen Legs or Feet - Morgan

  • 3 Pair Pack Cotton Diabetic Socks - 'MULTIPACK SAVING' - Joseph

  • 5 Pair Pack Wool Blend Diabetic Socks - 'MULTIPACK SAVING' - Oskar

  • 5 Pair Pack Cotton Diabetic Socks - 'MULTIPACK SAVING' - Joseph

  • 3 Pair Pack Wool Blend Diabetic Socks - 'MULTIPACK SAVING' - Oskar


9 Item(s)

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