Here at Norfolk®, we are proud supporters of the Bodie Hodges Foundation and the support they offer to families bereaved of a child across the East Midlands.

With the current difficulties being faced by the UK and the effect this is having on charities such as the Bodie Hodges Foundation with many of their fund-raising events being cancelled. We could see there was an opportunity for us to help in a small way.

As a company, we have already given away close to 1000 face masks but with the rules changing and the need for possibly more masks we saw an opportunity to help both our customers and the Bodie Hodges Foundation.

So, we are now opening sales on the face masks up to a maximum of ‘four’ masks per customer. We will still continue to add a free mask to every order, but should you wish to purchase ‘three’ more for your family or friends we will now donate all the profits from the sale of these masks to the Bodie Hodges Foundation.

Should you wish to learn more about the foundation there’s a link below: