Your guide to wearing diabetic socks.

Diabetic socks are specially designed to reduce pressure in the lower leg and foot, to prevent blistering on the skin surfaces, and to minimise moisture build-up. Their main purpose is to protect your feet and provide maximum protection and comfort. These socks are non-elastic and seamless, the seamless design is to minimise friction to the nerves and reduce pain and discomfort. The non-elastic feature is to prevent constriction which is due to common feet swelling tendencies.  In addition, diabetic socks may also be designed to control moisture in order to reduce the risk of fungal infection or with cushioning to prevent foot ulcers. Foot ulcers affect as many as 10% of people with diabetes.

Cotton blended with acrylic, nylon or rayon are recommended for diabetics rather than 100% cotton because although 100% cotton is soft, the material has no moisture wicking abilities, they are less durable and wear out faster, which can cause friction which can irritate the skin. Socks with binding tops can cut off circulation to feet, which could prolong the healing process due to lack of blood flow. If people with diabetes experience foot injuries, it's crucial that they take all measures to heal properly and wearing socks with non-binding tops will allow proper blood circulation. Seamless socks are perfect for diabetics because they fit close to the skin, there will be fewer chances of seamless socks wrinkling or bunching in your shoes which can potentially cause irritation, chafing and blisters from occurring.

It's essential to keep your feet warm too, diabetic socks will keep your feet warm and protected. Wear them in cold weather to prevent frostbite. Slip socks on before going to bed so your feet stay nice and warm. Diabetic socks offer the best environment for your feet because they are breathable, cushioned, fit well and keep your feet dry. Proper foot care is essential and includes wearing the right socks as well the right footwear so you can avoid circulatory problems and skin infections. Pop over to to view our awesome range of diabetic socks to choose from for work, walking and everyday use.



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